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“Chemical” Fertilizer or “Organic” – Which is “Bad”?

Recently two questions were posed to me by a Mittleider Method gardener who came from a background of using only manure and compost. This person asked: 1. What is the difference between the Mittleider fertilizers and “organic fertilizer”? And why do some “organic-only” users say ours are bad? 2. Do you not recommend building our […]

The Zoo-Doo Man & The World’s Best Compost

For 20 years I have owned a 3/4 acre parcel adjacent to Utah’s Hogle Zoo, where I have grown a vegetable garden using The Mittleider Method as taught in many of the developing countries around the world by Jacob R. Mittleider. Because Jacob was satisfied that my garden represented him well he let me put […]

A Sustainable Gardening Epidemic is Needed Now!

Knowledge of the Mittleider Method of sustainable gardening makes you one of the “vital few,” and with that knowledge comes both opportunity and responsibility. In The Tipping Point author Malcolm Gladwell describes how a few people can make a tremendous positive difference for everyone else, which he compares to an epidemic. You need to help […]