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Teachers Virtual Gardening Training Program

The Food for Everyone Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a unique Teachers’ Virtual Gardening Training Program, that promises to empower teachers with real gardening skills, along with teaching and demonstration materials, like nothing has ever done before. The foundation’s generosity in giving almost $300 worth of unique gardening materials to qualifying teachers […]

Teachers Interested in Gardening to Receive Free Gardening Book

The Food for Everyone Foundation hereby announces our intention to donate a digital copy of the world-renowned Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider’s classic “Six Steps to Successful Gardening” book for qualifying teachers to use in their classrooms. And the only qualification required is for the teacher to be teaching, or have real intentions to teach anything […]

Software for Vegetable Gardening – Comprehensive, Yet A Child Can Run It

Many of you own the Garden Master CD. It’s an excellent resource, and the Garden Designer software, created by Dr. Ron Guymon, is unique and better than anything else I’ve seen. The short videos of Dr. Mittleider himself creating and working in the garden are valuable, and the lessons are well done. The two books […]

Time to Plant Potatoes? Soon Now, in Containers or Soil

Some sections of America – particularly in the South – are planting potatoes already. LUCKY!! But the rest of us are not far behind, as they can go in the ground earlier than tender plants like tomatoes, so I recommend everyone get your ground or containers ready now! The ideal width of a growing bed, […]