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Early Summer To-Do’s In the Project Vegetable Garden

We’ve just installed T-Frames, and just in time, as tomatoes are over a foot tall and starting to bend over, cucumbers and beans are producing tendrils, and melons are vining also. We will be having our students install wire on top and bottom, and attaching baling twine “strings” between them tomorrow. Watering is also SO […]

Traditional Vegetable Gardening Compared to The Mittleider Method

We have wonderful neighbors in Getk, Armenia, and one of them, Arras, is an excellent gardener! Their traditions, along with other factors, however, limit their productivity severely. Arras told us the other night that during Soviet times coal cost them $15 per ton, and families used coal to heat their homes during the winter. After […]

Pest Control – Organic or “Chemical”

We have been reminded very powerfully in the past two weeks about the importance of pest control in the garden. We work daily with families who depend on their gardens to keep them alive during the coming long winter months, and anything that threatens their crops’ viability has their full attention immediately. Most of the […]

My Wonderful Friend and Mentor, Dr. Jacob R. Mittleider, Died at age 88 of a Stroke on Sunday, May 28, 2006!

I have been so blessed for many years to have been able to know and visit with Jacob Mittleider personally and/or by telephone whenever I had a gardening question I couldn’t figure out! Jacob knew so much, he truly had forgotten more than I’ll ever know, and it was a real education to jog his […]