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      The Mittleider Gardening Course

      from $14.95

      Save¬†20% — 25%

      Newly Revised & Updated in 2015! Teaches the practical at-home application of Nature's Immutable Laws of Plant Growth. Provides simple straight-forward instruction and illustrations on the Mittleider System of vegetable and fruit production.

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      The Garden Doctor (Vol. 1-3)

      from $5.95

      Eliminate Plant Deficiencies and Diseases for Healthy Plants

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      Gardening by the Foot

      from $10.95

      Save¬†22% — 30%

      This book masterfully teaches the Mittleider Method of container or Grow-Box gardening using hundreds of pictures.

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      Six Steps to Successful Gardening


      Save 23%

      This gardening book is so easy to read and simple to follow even children will enjoy gardening! Describes how to apply the Mittleider Method of vegetable gardening in soil-bed gardens.

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      Food for Everyone

      from $39.95

      Save¬†38% — 50%

      A college-level agronomy text using the proven Mittleider Method of dramatic food production as taught and demonstrated throughout the world, with sixty-four chapters, 621 pages, and almost a thousand drawings, photographs, and color plates.